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We must fight for religious freedom

April 29, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

Around 100 patriots got to hear three great speakers in the beautiful Independence Hall in downtown Wheeling at the First Amendment Under Fire presentation by We the People of Wheeling.

Mike McFarland spoke on Constitutional abuse, the Rev. Dennis Schuelkens on the impact of government mandates and John Price, as Ben Franklin, on original intent of the First Amendment.

The blunt of the message was "we have let this happen" and, as they said, if you put a frog in a pot and turn the heat on slowly you can cook him without him knowing it.

As Schuelkens said, "It isn't about contraceptives, it is about the destruction of our religious freedom," which is just another step in the process.

At our last Steubenville for Liberty-American Patriot Council meeting, we had a very wise professor explain that Obamanism didn't just start in the 1960s. The Marxist Party started in 1919 when the Marxist predicted that in the event of a big European war, the working class would rise up and overthrow capitalism to allow Marxism to take over. But that didn't happen in 1914, and when it did happen in 1917 in Russia the other European countries didn't support it.

Why didn't it work?

Because the real working and middle classes do well under capitalism.

In 1919, Georg Lukacs asked, "Who will save us from Western Civilization?" when he realized western culture, capitalism and the Christian religion had to be destroyed for Marxism to take hold.

In 1923, inspired in part by Lukacs, a group of German Marxists established a think-tank at Frankfurt University in Germany.

After WW II, Herbert Marcuse, a member of the Frankfort School Marxist think-tank, fled Germany to escape Hitler, stayed in America to promote the end of America's culture and the introduction of cultural Marxism by freeing sex from any restraints and coining the phrase "Make love, not war" and to establish the beginning of a society of "no work, only play" with the infiltration of our schools, our churches and our government.

Since the real working class does well under capitalism, Marxism needed another venue for the take over of America. They needed a non-working class to carry on their movement, which is now made up of Occupy Wall Street participants including unions, generational welfare recipients, radical minority groups and college students who have been brain washed by public schools and colleges that are dominated by communist and Marxist teachers and professors.

Their goal, just like that of our president, is to destroy religion, along with capitalism, and the real middle and working classes by creating hate and division in America.

Obama also has his enforcers - EPA, IRS, OSHA, OWS, unions, ACLU, FEMA, SEIU, the Black Panthers and, don't forget his Gestapo SS, the Department of Justice.

As Dwight D. Eisenhower said, "Every step we take toward making the state our caretaker of our lives, by that much we move toward making the state our master."

Chuck White


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