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Volunteers help make area schools better

April 24, 2012
The Herald-Star

Volunteers help make education work.

They are parents and teachers. They are the men and women who staff the schools. They are professionals from around the community. They are elected officials. They are area residents. They are people who attended school many years ago. They are the students themselves.

They are the people who are willing to donate their time, talent and money to ensure pupils have access to all today's schools have to offer.

Area school districts are again honoring a couple of groups of people who do not always find themselves in the spotlight. Schools are recognizing those who volunteer their time to enrich the educational experience and honoring those students who excel in the classroom.

Both groups have earned their recognition.

Volunteers help in so many ways that it can be easy to overlook their contributions.

That would be a mistake.

They help with athletic events, whether it is coaching or taking tickets. They serve as coaches and advisers for clubs. Their work as boosters raises money for the band as well as the athletic teams. They help monitor the lunchroom and serve as chaperones at dances. They give of their time to serve as mentors.

Also being recognized at dinners and assemblies are students whose academic performances make them stand out.

Each district in our area honors scholastic achievements in many ways. Whether it is an award for maintaining a high grade-point average during the four years of high school, earning accolades from an individual department at the school or being recognized for having earned a spot among the top graduates, those who are being prepared to be among the next generation of leaders are certainly deserving of praise. The value of education must never be discounted. It opens doors and ensures a brighter future for the individuals involved while making society as a whole stronger.

To those who volunteer to help at area schools in any way, we say thank you, and hope you will continue your efforts. To those who have not yet volunteered, we urge you to do so.

We also congratulate those students whose hard work and dedication have allowed them to enjoy academic success.

Both groups are examples of what makes area schools successful.

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