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Progressives hurting America

April 15, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

Looking at our current economic and social situation America appears more like an occupied nation than the victor of the Cold War and the sole remaining super power on Earth. Perhaps it is time to conceptualize the idea that our existential enemy is not a rag-tag group of malcontents dedicated to turning back the clock by six centuries. The enemy that poses a mortal threat to our way of life is instead the homegrown progressive movement that has labored for more than a century to subvert our education, corrupt our politics and evolve its way from constitutionally limited government to central planning and total control.

The visible head of the progressive movement today is President Barack Obama. As portrayed by the corporations once known as the mainstream media, he is not just an Alinsky-style community organizer, he is a constitutional scholar. We are told endlessly that he was a professor of constitutional law at the University of Chicago. Leaving the reality of these claims aside, suffice it to say that this constitutional scholar professes to believe that the constitution is a flawed document because it does not provide for positive rights such as guarantees of housing, jobs, etc., the kind of rights that the constitutions of the Soviet Union and Red China provided for their slaves. Excuse me, I mean citizens. Not to worry, our constitutional scholar-in-chief also believes that our Constitution, written to set strict limits on the federal government is a living document that each generation is free to interpret - that is, change at will.

Obama has presided over the most calamitous decline in American prestige and influence since his fellow progressive Jimmy Carter disgraced the office. Obama's apology tours, his over-the-top spending, which is nothing less than cross generational theft, are eclipsed by his blatant assaults upon the very core of his responsibility: the integrity of the Constitution.

The president of the United States is sworn to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, but instead Obama has trampled upon the letter as well as the spirit of this document meant to define the perimeters of federal power.

Obama has said he can rule without Congress because he can't wait. He travels the country at taxpayer expense campaigning for four more years to seal the deal, inflaming class warfare and dispensing government giveaways to buy votes. These two egregious affronts to the Constitution lie at the feet of the Washington Monument passed over by the media and explained away by the government's propaganda arm. And what does the loyal opposition do? They huff and they puff but actually they do nothing.

If he wins again we all lose unless we replace those who merely go along to get along with those who are willing to speak the forbidden word -impeach.

Robert Yost


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