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Area residents are political sheep

April 15, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

Just a thought - I often read the opinion page of my hometown paper, just to see where peoples' heads are politically. I read the all too common "Obuma" haters and some Obama supporters. Being from Steubenville makes me wonder where the great divide between these two groups started. No one on the "right" wants to say that any slur or degradation of this president is racially motivated, even when it pains them to even have the respect enough for this high office to call him President Barack Obama. The chants of "We want our country back," sound as if in the past three years this American president has stolen it. Taxes, the same. Unempolyment is too high, but it is a work in progress.

You can disagree on policy, but please spare me the he's-intentionally-destroying-the-county talk. I've listened to the racially tinged words from your right-leaning talking heads say that the president is dividing the country. Wow.

The genius in Rush, Sean, Glenn and all of the others is not in what they can make you believe about the president, it's that these multi-multi-millionaires have convinced you that they are just like you. I actually believed that growing up in the valley forged me into who I am as a man. It seems like all that's left, politically speaking, are sheep. No millionaire has your problems, nor do they care if they are solved. Wake up.

Michael L. Ross


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