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JB Green Team chair resigns

April 3, 2012
By DAVE GOSSETT - Staff writer ( , The Herald-Star

WINTERSVILLE - The chairwoman of the JB Green Team board of trustees resigned from the board Monday night, citing infighting among board members.

Ginny Favede submitted her resignation letter following an hour-long emergency meeting attended by six of the 15 board members.

"My commitment as a board member has always been to one thing, and that is the belief that we are truly responsible for preserving our earth for future generations that will come after us. I do not understand nor can I explain what has gone wrong within our board. There is much infighting within the board and I truly feel we as a whole have lost our focus on what our duty and mission is," stated Favede.

Favede said the board will have to elect a new chairperson at its next regular meeting Monday night in Bellaire.

"I will advise my fellow Belmont County commissioners they will have to appoint someone to replace me on the board," Favede said.

Favede had called the emergency meeting to discuss hiring a new executive director following Mark McVey's decision to not accept the job he was offered on March 12.

"Mr. McVey notified me on March 22 he had decided to not accept the position. I notified the board by e-mail and John Abdalla, chairman of the personnel committee, instructed our board secretary to advertise for the position with all resumes and applications due by April 30," explained Favede.

"I have quite a few concerns with what transpired. The personnel committee never met. There were no e-mails or phone calls. The board never met on this issue. Typically in this case you move on to the second candidate. I was astounded a decision was made to proceed with re-advertising for the job," said Jefferson County Commissioner Tom Gentile.

"I am trying to figure out under whose authority he made the decision to re-advertise. The committee chairman doesn't get to make a decision based on what he wants or thinks," added Gentile.

"I think we should move to the second candidate on the list. There was a lot of pressure at our last meeting to vote for Mark McVey because he was a board member. I thought the second candidate had an impressive resume. I will recommend the board speak to the second candidate. If the board doesn't agree there is still time to re-advertise," said board member Chuck Dawson.

According to Board Vice Chairwoman and Steubenville City Manager Cathy Davison, "the second candidate we interviewed is still interested in the position."

The board had met for nearly an hour in an executive session on March 12 and publicly voted 8-4 in favor of McVey. Three trustees abstained from voting.

Favede said at the March 12 regular meeting the trustees narrowed the final list to two candidates, "based on ratings from the interviews."

The board met in executive session a second time that night for 20 minutes before offering McVey a one-year $60,000 contract with a job performance review after six months.

McVey, a member of the board of trustees, is serving as part-time interim executive director of the organization.

Prior to the emergency board meeting, McVey said he decided to decline the job offer, "because we couldn't come to an agreement on a contract."

"I felt accepting this position and retiring from my job with the U.S. Postal Service would not be financially beneficial for me. I will stay on as interim director until the board wants to go in another direction," McVey said.

Board legal adviser John Mascio said the board can re-advertise for the executive director's position or move on to the second candidate on the list.

"Either way is fine. Its really up to the board. It looks like you have a divided board on how to proceed. The board members have to be the ones to vote on this issue. Mr. McVey should not vote on this issue. If there is a tie, the chairperson can break the tie," said Mascio.

The board members also expressed concerns regarding a state senate bill that may eventually consolidate solid waste authorities in Ohio into eight districts.

"If we don't have a strong executive director this authority will be gobbled up by another authority. We need to get our candidate in place. I thought the second candidate was a good candidate. He fully understood what is going on," said board member and Wintersville Councilman Tom Bottorf.

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