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Just a few talking points

April 1, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

The most horrific thing happened in America 150 years ago, the Civil War, which resulted in more than 600,000 casualties. While watching the celebration and re-enactments of the war, I can only come to one conclusion: Oh my God, as a Christian, civilized nation, what we did to one another.

To put a soldier in harm's way to protect our country and then turn around and put soldiers on trial for over exuberance in carrying out their duty might sound unjust, but we can't have American soldiers murdering civilians or executing the enemy.

The pundits Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly are provided with an audience, aren't experts on anything and prepare their shows to parrot information they gathered from other sources. Their breaking news is old news by the time they report it, leaving them with an opinion. This is not a discourse, it's a disservice. They have disgraced every candidate in the Republican primary with the excuse that the other guy said it first.

Are you smarter than a fifth-grader? What's the mentality of people who call talk radio with "Dittos" to Limbaugh; "You're a great American," to Hannity; and refer to Michael Savage as doctor, and, if you get through the screener and make a point, they turn the microphone off? Fourth-grade, maybe.

The Supreme Court shall rule against Obamacare so Congress can inact universal health care.

As the population grows, does one think people are going to move to the New Mexico desert or the freezing Dakotas? The populations will triple in every large city in America. Think, now, what to do with the slums? An epidemic of any kind in the future will kill the good, the bad and the ugly. Disease has no conscience.

Hunger is the root of revolution. If the masses go hungry and thirsty, then revolutions will replace whoever is responsible, and the good guy doesn't always win.

St. Thomas Aquinas prayed (paraphrasing), "God grant me chastity." He turned and saw a beautiful maiden bathing in a creek, praying further but not just yet. People who want to debate when life begins must remember that it started with an enjoyable sin.

The first thing the public must understand about our great republic is that when folks say government is too big and should get out of the way, one must consider that government does nothing more than it is asked to do by its citizens. People talk of activist judges, yet judges do nothing until a case is brought before the court. They don't invent fantasy cases out of nowhere.

Steve Kopa


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