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Let your voice be heard on gasoline

April 1, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

Gasoline scam - there is no other way to describe the gas situation. What is being done to the American public is worse than a Ponzi scheme, as it effects everyone, especially the poor and what's left of the middle class.

The recent article in the paper did not do it justice.

First of all, there is no gas shortage, and our consumption has gone down steadily since 1997. In fact, I read online last week that the oil companies were shipping hundreds of thousands of gallons of gas to keep it off the market here in the United States. So much for the law of supply and demand they always tell us is the controlling factor in the price of gas. They dump it overseas rather than let it affect the price of gasoline in this country.

Another factor is the fact that the saint of the Republican Party, whom I think must have been going into dementia at the time, in collusion with powerful people in the Congress, removed all of the controls on the commodity market on gas and oil. This allowed for the kind of speculation that exists in the market today and is the prime driving force in the rise of oil today.

These are some of the same people we bailed out in the Wall Street debacle in 2008. These shysters are hurting a majority of the people to make a few even richer. The story about the president not allowing enough drilling is pure malarky. I'm sure you have heard the story time and again about drilling in Alaska. Well, that is really a farce, as not one drop of the that oil comes to the lower 48. Most of that production goes to Japan and overseas.

We constantly have this type of bull thrown at us by the oil cartel in this country. To maintain any sanity in an economy like ours, it is necessary, according to the laws of economics, to have controls on monopolies, or the system gets out of hand as it has now because of the greed factor in the marketplace today.

So, before you play the blame game, take a look at the facts.

Don't blame the poor old gas station operators, as they still make very little on a gallon in spite of the price, and they take all of the guff.

The oil companies own the Congress of the United States, and don't believe otherwise. Have you heard much from our U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson, R-Marietta, about the subject? He runs around and puts on a good act.

So, please, give the subject some thought, and give your congressman or senator a call or a note and tell him to get off the oil company payroll.

Guy Indovina


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