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Land plan good deal for area

March 26, 2012
The Herald-Star

A requested subdivision plan from ArcelorMittal Steel can only mean good things for the future of our area.

Company officials put forward the plan, which would create new divisions of property of much of its land, including Brown's Island and the majority of the plant.

It's no secret there has been interest in the former mill property for many years now.

It's also no secret that, despite that interest, company officials have not said a lot about parting with the land, at least not publicly.

So, this subdivision, coupled with talk of possible sale and redevelopment opportunities, can only be good for the future of Weirton and surrounding area.

While it shows a definite end of steelmaking at the Weirton plant, it also opens the door for the future.

According to company officials, ArcelorMittal actually has been working on what it has dubbed "Project Weirton" for the last five years.

That's understandable, as any kind of redevelopment project, if it's going to work, will take time to get it done right, especially when you are talking about this much land and the kind of effort needed to redevelop it. After all, this is industrial property. It will take a great deal more than it would to simply pick out an empty parcel of land and start building. This is not going to be a quick turnaround project. It will take months, possibly even years, to complete the subdivision, begin cleaning up and marketing the property and attracting the right interested parties.

Once things do get moving, however, it will mean new business, new opportunities and, of course, new jobs for our area.

That all adds up to a big win for our area.

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