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Voters should pass Edison levy

March 4, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

The Pleasant Hill PTO would like to take the opportunity to encourage everyone to vote for the Edison levy on Tuesday's ballot.

Should our levy fail our students will be the ones to suffer. There will be no busing for students in grades nine through 12, consumable book fees, extracurricular activity fees and cuts in staffing.

At Pleasant Hill Elementary School, we already have one grade with 30-plus students in each classroom and four of the grades have class sizes of 26-plus students. Further cuts can only hurt the quality of education our children are receiving.

At the high school level, a family with two children who each participate in two activities will have hundreds of dollars in fees. This money would more than cover the increase in tax for the average house and property in our district.

Please keep in mind that if we do not pass a levy it is simply a matter of time before the state comes in.

The results of the state coming in are as follows: An additional five members will be appointed by the state, extracurricular activities will be cut from the district and only basic core requirement classes will be offered and buildings will be closed

If our district's finances cannot be balanced, then the Edison Local School District would be dissolved and the state will direct what school district you will pay property taxes to. The end result is that we will still be paying an increased millage to a new district.

We have heard the arguments and excuses of why not to support the levy. Be part of the solution, help improve our schools, vote, be involved.

Someone paid for your education, your parents' education and grandparents'. Pay it forward and secure our district's future for your children and grandchildren. They are our future.

Vote "yes" for our children.

Michelle Linscott

President, PHPTO


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