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Even schools are no longer safe

February 19, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

"Parents in fear for their children's safety at a LA grade school"

Sending your children to school can be a difficult. You often worry about things like if are they getting a good education, do they have the materials they need to learn, are they going to make friends easily and are they staying focused, but you usually don't think about worrying if they're being molested.

That's the biggest worry of parents whose children attend Miramonte Elementary School in Los Angeles and surrounding schools. Information from the Los Angeles Unified School District has it that more than a quarter of its students did not attend school on Feb. 6 because of the stories circulating around the school about students being molested. Hundreds of concerned parents marched into the school for a meeting about the horrors their children face just by trying to get an education.

The parents held their children from going to school and the children were afraid to go back. One woman with two sons said, "I'm not letting them in school." They're scared to be in there. I'm not going to put them in risk of (teacher) doing something to them."

This is a difficult thing for me to read because when I was in elementary school you knew that was one of the safest places for a child to be. Is there any place safe for children anymore?

April Renea Wells


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