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We’re nearing a revolution

February 19, 2012
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

I am a 62-year-old retiree from Toronto. I like to read a lot, and my favorite type of book deals with history. I recently read a detailed book on the French Revolution, which sadly paralleled the state of affairs in the United States today. When the French people had had enough of the king's extravagances and the spiraling debt, which was bankrupting the nation, the people got rid of the system in place and put the power into the hands of themselves. In essence, the old way of doing things got changed to a different, more equitable way.

This same thing is about to happen within our great country today. The people feel they have no say in government activities that affect them, and they are tired of it. Everyone speaks of Congressmen voting along party lines rather than voting their conscience. The poor keep getting poorer, and the hard-working middle class still struggles to pay their bills and buy their second-hand cars. Unemployment is a big issue around here, and there is no relief in sight. We can't wait until November to replace Obama and start things to changing, because change will not be coming in a new administration due to the current system in place.

Write and tell your Congressman "it's time to change." Tell him to vote his conscience and vote "no" on increasing the national debt; vote "no" on increasing taxes, except for those who earn upward of $100K per year; vote "no" on sending jobs overseas to nonAmerican workers; and vote "no" on anything else that will harm America. Tell him that he knows what the people want, and he should vote in answer to their needs.

Louis XVI did not understand how out of touch he and Marie Antoinette were until the Revolution was already happening. Our elected officials need to be aware that the second American revolution is about to happen, unless they get in touch with reality and start to affect change themselves.

William G. Kulstad


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