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Party time with 8 & 40 Salon 807

December 4, 2011
By ESTHER MCCOY - Staff writer ( , The Herald-Star

An event I have been attending almost as long as I have brandished a pen and reporter's tablet has been the Jefferson County 8 & 40 Salon 807 Christmas banquet.

It has almost taken me that long to remember the order of the name, and sometimes I still get it mixed up.

Lorraine Hazlett, who has served for many times as the group's chapeau - French for president - has been a friend throughout. She just grumbles a bit when I get some words spelled wrong, such as their word departmental, a high-up designation. I have learned that you don't add another "e" in the middle of the word, though. But sometimes it gets changed in spell check. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.

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Denise Bosseti, 8 & 40 departmental le demi chapeau-deuxieme, left, presents a check to Lorraine Hazlett, Jefferson County 8 & 40 Salon 807 chapeau, for its nurse’s scholarship.

Carmen Frye, who carries three titles, la archiviste, parody chairman and deiuxeme, has been known to make mention when I get some of the titles or department names out of order, too. She has been a wonderful publicist for the organization and many other groups, and I would see her coming up to the newsroom often.

She doesn't any more, and I hope she won't mind when I mention that she needs prayers for her health right now. Carmen starts receiving chemo treatments this week, and I pray this will be beneficial against the spread of the dreaded disease of cancer.

Anyhow, there is always good food at the holiday banquet. Jean Vogt, a partner in the 8 & 40, is the caterer and has great homemade noodles and steak and gravy. And her desserts are always tops.

Lorraine does something magical with the maraschino cherries that are added to the punch bowl. Actually, the cherries are soaked in brandy for several days first. Everyone tries to ladle them out in a hurry.

We came to know Bill Alexander and Ruth Koran well as we usually are seated at their table. Bill is a past district ceminno in the Jefferson County Salon 40 & 8, just reversed from the ladies 8 & 40. I once got that mixed up, too.

Ruth is sister-in-law to Mary Frances Phillipson, a good friend from Smithfield High School, where we were officers on the SHS alumni team together. Her brother, John Varkony, graduated the same year as the McCoys.

David Hunt and I carry on long conversations concerning his high school years, and we play the "do you know" game. Many times, we have known the same people.

He attended Brilliant High School with my cousin, Anna Mae Kollar Dowell, but not in the same class. He also told me that he would ride to band practice with Anna Mae, with my Aunt Margaret doing the driving.

Dave has been a member of the Rollback Band, a group that has played wonderful music from the 1950s through the 1970s, for 37 years. Wow. That's a long time to be strumming a guitar.

Patricia Halstead is the newest member to the Salon 807. I met her and hubby, Jim, once at the 90th birthday party for Julius Pietrangelo at the Gathering Place in Smithfield.

Thelma Bronson is another great lady I have known for ages. She was married to a member of the Herald-Star display department years back. A senior moment has just struck, and I can't remember his first name. And I worked with him for a short period of time.

The salon has fund- raisers throughout the year to collect money for a nurse's scholarship. That lucky student this year is Sharon Temple, a Trinity School of Nursing student in her second year. The award is called the Doris Ferguson Memorial Scholarship, named after a deceased salon member who was a great advocate of the fund.

Denise Bossetti, departmental la demi chapeau-deuxieme, presented Lorraine with a $45 check from her Salon 613, to be applied to the nurses scholarship. She extended regrets from Patricia Miller, departmental chapeau, on being unable to attend the banquet.

Nancy Longbrake, departmental l'archiviste, made the long ride from the Sandusky area with Denise. Nancy said she is looking forward to receiving the history books from the many salons in her territory.

The group has been busy collecting baby clothing and other needs for newborns and donating them to the AIM Women's Center. This is a children and youth project of the salon. They have sent diddy bags with coloring materials, small toys and such, for the youth with cystic fibrosis at the Children's Hospital in Denver. They sent stuffed animals to the St. Jude Hospital as well.

There are many other Christmas events coming up. One is the Wintersville Woman's Club Holiday Splendor today. There is good shopping, good food and a very interesting style show to watch. Plus many door prizes.

I will be there with Suzy Crawford, my good buddy who makes me feel tall, although I am only about 1 1/2-inches taller. I'll take any advantage I can get, though. It isn't too often that I can measure and my hand floats over the other person's head without touching.

Maybe I will see you at one of the events. If you happen to see me with too much food on my plate, just give me a gentle reminder that I am supposed to be on an "almost diet."

I have become a bit lax during this holiday time but I realize that eating for health does not allow for time off. I suppose I will be complaining in January when my doctors give me the "what for."

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