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Postal problems easily solved

November 13, 2011
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

With the local election past, the politicians are gearing up now for the major election next year. Although the politicians made a do-not-call list, they exempted themselves. We vote Democrat and Republican in elections and they bombard us with trying to get their vote. There is no way they can persuade me with a one- or two-minute call. I get my information from books or newspaper or debates, although there should be more "truth in journalism" dealing with elections. They seem to start with a little bit of truth then surround it with a "big lie."

However the postal service is thinking about raising rates again due to less revenue. How about if they pass a law that there will be no more telemarketing with political calls and they are forced to use the postal service to get their message to the voters? That would extremely raise revenue for the postal service.

I tried to call my congressman about the issue, but they referred me to the secretary of state, and they said there is nothing they can do about it the way the law is. They did tell me they got rid of their landline phone because of it. It will only be a matter of time before they will be doing the same thing with cell phones, and if federal politicians can do it then the state will, and they do now, and then the local politicians can do it. I even joined in on a town hall meeting on the phone to ask my question about the political calls, but they screen the questions and it doesn't get to the congressman. The calls will be increasing during the next year and although it's not to their best interest to create a "no political" call list, they should be forced to use the postal service to get their messages through.

Patrick McPherson


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