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Say ‘no’ to Issue 2

October 30, 2011
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

Vote "no" on Issue 2 putting a stop to Senate Bill 5.

Many people say they don't know candidates or issues to know how to vote. The Sesame Street lyrics "Who are the people in your neighborhood?" can be a reminder of how to vote at the polls.

If we lose our police (which is a possibility - 12,000 will have to be laid off next year because the Jobs Act was voted down by GOP-controlled Congress) we may not even recognize our neighborhoods when we have no one to protect us.

Is it not clear to you now? That is just one example. There are numerous more.

Vote for the type of people in your neighborhood - the middle class, not the puppets put up by the Koch brothers. I would not be surprised if the Koch brothers funded our Gov. John Kasich. Just follow the Koch brothers and Kasich, what they stand for, and vote for the opposite candidate or issue. That not only makes it easy for you to know how to vote, but, that way you are voting in your interests and that of the community and our country. It is natural to follow that that is in the best interests of business. If we don't have a safe community or a safe country, individuals will not bring in business. Life is not perfect but let us not be inactive as our Congress is.

You may mutter to yourself that it cannot be that easy a formula. Yes it is. The Koch brothers and Kasich have betrayed us in their inequality of justice under the law.

You don't have to be a Nobel laureate in economics to understand that. Even a former McCain adviser says we need to pass the jobs bill or suffer recession. We have much more in common than you think. Why are you so stubborn about this? You'd rather cause another recession, which will be worse, than the last to make Obama a one-term president?

Knowing this, the rest of us must vote "no" to issue 2 and vote out the GOP Congress. That will put some people who are able to compromise in Congress who will vote in the Jobs Act and get things moving. It is a beginning, much more can be done. I am not the minority - two-thirds of the American people feel this way, but you must get out and vote to get what you want whether you support any Republican or Democrat or independent. Please cut out this article and pass on to someone who does not subscribe to the Herald-Star.

Only that way we can have hope. Representation of two-thirds of the citizens, rather than representation of the Koch brothers and Kasich only, supported by 10 percent, or 25 percent, but having power over the rest of us. Vote "no" to Issue 2 and vote "no" to the GOP on Nov. 8.

Amy Frey


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