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Guest column/Here is the cost and the price of the Edison Local levy

October 30, 2011

I have heard from many citizens that they are not sure what the cost of the Edison Local School District levy (Issue 7 on the Nov. 8 ballot) will be.

That is really two questions: First, what will the additional property tax be?

It will be $24 a month ($18 for a senior citizen) for each $100,000 of your property's assessed value. Property owners can find the assessed value of their home by visiting Please note that the homestead exemption can lower your assessed value by an additional $25,000.

Second, what will the cost be to our community if it does not pass? Of course, this is by far the more important question for the Edison Local community to consider. Simply put, if the levy is not passed by our people, we will have to cut even deeper, which could have a devastating impact on our quality schools. Do we really want to run the risk of having the state take over the district or even possibly consolidate with a neighboring district?

Remember that Edison Local has been rated "excellent" on the state report card for two straight years by the Ohio Department of Education. This ranking reflects the success we have had in preparing our students for their next steps. For instance, the Edison Local School District:

Offers college credit courses that can transfer to any state university in Ohio.

Gives students an opportunity to take more than 40 college credit hours without leaving the high school grounds, which is a huge cost savings for parents.

Produces the highest average ACT scores in Jefferson County (Ohio Board of Regents.)

Has the lowest average of students in Jefferson County taking remedial classes in college (Ohio Board of Regents.)

Offers four high school courses in the eighth grade, including English 9, integrated science, Spanish I and algebra I.

Our district has cut our spending:

We cut 97 positions.

We cut our annualized spending by $4.6 million.

We cut $1.1 million in health care and retirement expenses.

We must remember that the cost of the levy is just $24 a month (per $100,000 of your property's assessed value), but not passing the levy will significantly harm the quality of educational programs we have created at Edison Local schools.

Please consider these facts as you make your decision in the upcoming election and vote "yes" on Issue 7 on Nov. 8.

(Quattrochi is the superintendent of the Edison Local School District)

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