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White House no place for truth

October 29, 2011
The Herald-Star

To the editor:

"Obuma" is a liar, as revealed below, but that won't deter valley amigo disciples from voting for him for his fine performance regarding Solyndra and another $737 million to Tonopah Energy in Harry Reid's Nevada; $300 million to Solar Reserve, partly owned by Nancy Pelosi's brother-in-law; Lightsquared; and Obumacare exemptions to unions. "Obuma's" past three years produced the largest budget deficit ever, most broken promises ever, most self-serving speeches, largest number agenda setting failures and the fastest dive in popularity.

"Obuma" broke his promises to put all bills on the White House website five days before signing them; have Obumacare negotiations live on C-SPAN; keep unemployment under 8 percent; close Guantanamo; end hiring former lobbyists into high administration jobs; and to disclose names of all attendees at closed White House meetings. He and his cronies, Pelosi and Reid promised no closed-door drafting of bills, no increase in deficit spending, no special union influence and no vote buying (Louisiana and Nebraska.) Will "Obuma" ever accept responsibility for something, anything? For that matter would you, misinformed valley amigos? Don't blame President Polk. Your silence speak volumes.

Here are two more examples for liberal dimwits to cry over: on Sept. 27, Robert Thompson, founder of BET TV, stated "We don't have leadership in the White House on the economy." And "Obuma" talking to the infamous Black Caucus saying "Don't whine. Tell your constituents to get educated, work and vote." I would imagine by amigos standards, these two are racist.

But with their dopey Goebbles/Alinski/Obuma philosophy, the truth means nothing. Repeat it long enough and they start believing it. A brain's core is such a thing to waste.

A female valley illuminati tells me "you need to shut your mouth ... you write useless misinformation." Stifle my speech because it doesn't agree with hers? What a Goebbles thought. I don't want her to shut her mouth because she reveals her mind-numbing sludge for all to experience.

Hey, what about those flea bags on Wall Street? Would you hire them? They'll defecate, urinate, spit on your property, steal your cell phone and what's wrong with a rape or two? "Obuma" says Wall Street is bad, they make too much money, yet, two-faced "Obuma" solicits their contributions. Where are the black folks in this crowd? This movement is racist, right, amigos?

I agree with "Obuma," the rich should pay their fair share. I consider everyone making more than me rich. So why am I paying public unions' health care and pensions? I'm sure 90 percent of these hard workers make more than me - pay more into your own health care and pensions, it's only fair, quoted "Obuma." Unions would rather have layoffs than pay their fair share. The unions claim we are all neighbors and should take care of each other, and that we (their neighbors) should all sacrifice, but not them. Let the sacrifice start with them, then maybe I'll sympathize.

Not Racist. Not Violent. Not silent anymore.

Barry Bardone


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