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Real estate transactions

April 5, 2009
The Herald-Star

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., part lots 1-2, Pleasant Heights Improvement Co.; and lot 7, Beverly Hills.

Joseph and Sylvia Ruzek to Carl and Sara Beranek Jr., 1.23 acres, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

John Grayzar to Tracy Juliano and others, lots 32 and 40, Francis First (survivorship).

Paul Jones to Lesley Jones, lot 41, Winterdale.

Paul Kalivoda (deceased) to R. Douglas and Vicki Owen, metes, Knox Township.

Elmer and Sue Rawson to Frederick and Sherry Chase, metes, Knox Township (survivorship).

Lela George and others to Mary Johnson, lot 167, Hess Addition.

Bayberry Properties LLC to Sharon and Charles Fluharty, lot 1, Salmon & Mooney's First (survivorship).

Sheriff of Jefferson County to D. Todd and Susan Zimmerman, 1.63 acres, Knox Township.

Helen Carrocci (deceased) to Linda Blackburn, lot 156, Silver Stream Knolls First; and lots 49-50, Brentwood Estates Second.

Lisa Antigo to Ryan Antigo, lot 35, Charlestown.

Wayne and Penelope Everhart to Everhart-Bove Funeral Properties LLC, 0.67 acre, Island Creek Township.

Ralph Keeder (deceased) to Kathryn Keeder, 2 acres, Knox Township.

Ernest Horvath (deceased) to Paul Hewitt, lot 61 and part lot 62, Walker's Second.

Richard Powell and others to Kenneth and Kathleen Snarey, 29.123 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Janet and Cledith Winn to Robert Gaffney, lot 37, Original Bloomingdale.

Alice Wilson to Cindy McNamara, lot 10, Richard & Welday's Subdivision.

David and Melissa Lewis to Joshua Lewis, part lot 5, Pleasant Heights Improvement.

Robert and Glenda Ogden to Mary Panjuscsek, lots 20 and 71, Original Smithfield.

Stanley and Stephanie Worwa to Katherine Supanik, 3.0203 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Robert Diorio (deceased) to Paula Diorio, lot 21, Vukelic Subdivision.

Rose Verboski (deceased) to Robert Verboski and Bernard Verboski Jr., metes, Springfield Township.

Bernard and Cindy Verboski Jr. to Robert Verboski, metes, Springfield Township.

Housing and Urban Development to Loren Cornish, 0.3101 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Elizabeth Grayzar (deceased) to Barbara Palmer, 0.251 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Catfive Properties LLC to Joyce McDiffitt, lot 36, Locust Park.

Wanda Slezak (deceased) to Howard McConnell and Martin McConnell, lots 82-84, Upland Park First Allotment.

Homesales Inc. to James Rice, 2.170 acres, Steubenville Township.

Ruth Haislet to David Wszeborowski, lot 80, Altamont Subdivision.

Kenneth and Gabriela Lentz to Edward and Sharladene Kurz, part lots 124-125, Labelleview (survivorship).

Frank Trepanoski to Frank and Judith Trepanoski, lot 29, Beverly Hills Eighth (survivorship).

William Tice (deceased) to Constance McCourt, part lot 5, Hannah Ollum.

Constance and Bobby McCourt to Joseph Newman, part lot 5, Hannah Ollum.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Deutsche Bank, lots 1-2, Crestview Manor.

Nicholas and Norma Czaruk (both deceased) to Nicholas Czaruk Jr. and others, lot 53, Swickard Second.

Auditor of Jefferson County to Gregory Starr, lot 488, Labelleview.

Emmett Roberts to Patricia Roberts, 0.166 acre, Cross Creek Township; lot 115, Altamont; and lot 134, Labelleview.

Federal Land Office Park Inc. to Old Fort Steuben Project Inc., part lots 91-94, Original Steubenville.

Housing & Urban Development to Jonathan and Marie Cantwell, lots 1-2, Lacey's Subdivision. (survivorship).

Joseph and Sandy Bonitati to Tammie Cernansky, lot 1 and 3 and part lot 2, Banfield Improvement; and 0.934 acre, Island Creek Township.

Bryan Palmer (deceased) to Margaret Palmer, lot 55, Altamont.

Joanne Saltsman to Ronald Reed and Douglas Michael, 11.7912 acres, Ross Township.

Joseph DiAlbert to Andrea DiAlbert, trustee, 7,500 square feet, Cross Creek Township.

Thomas McGuire to Cynthia McGuire, metes, Island Creek Township; 0.270 acre, Warren Township; and lots 140, 162 and 165, William Jackson.

Cynthia McGuire to Thomas McGuire, metes, Island Creek Township; and lot s60, 70, 79, 92, 114-116, 48-51 and 57-59, 66-68, 77-78, 92-93, 100, 102 and 108-112, Sunset Lake Park.

William Sexton (deceased) to Betty Sexton, 52.55 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Timothy and Margaret Thompson to William and Mary Ann Thompson, 1 acre, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Eugene and Karen Guglielmo to Shannon Starr and Jennifer Starr, part lot 60, Joshua Moore's Subdivision (survivorship).

Harry Yocum (deceased) to Michele Yocum, lot 249, Dixon Heights No. 2.

Scott and Dori Penman to Morelli Investments LLC, part lot 20 and lot 21, McKee Heights.

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