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Real Estate Transfers

March 1, 2009
The Herald-Star

The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

Raymond and Mary DeFranco Jr. to Raymond Burchfield, 0.155 acre, Steubenville Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., 0.4269 acre, Knox Township.

Bradley and Sampson Fisher Sr. to Shirley Fisher, part lots 15-16, Linduff.

Shirley Fisher to Christina Peach and Brandi Brown, part lots 15-16, Linduff (survivorship).

Carl and Marguerite Taylor to Gary and Wilma Srock, 0.456 acre, Knox Township (survivorship).

Paul Mastros and others to Richard and Barbara Hutchison, part lot 30, Original Amsterdam; and metes, Springfield Township (survivorship).

William and Mary Ann Degenkolb to Virginia Culbreath, lot 7, Frank Murphy's Second.

Thomas Minor (deceased) to Sandra Minor, metes, Warren Township.

Housing & Urban Development to Steven Clark, lot 191, Manhattan Subdivision.

Vera Hannen (deceased) to Catherine Hannen and others, lot 3, Maryland Subdivision.

Marjorie and Carl Steel Jr. to Kenneth Stanley Jr., lot 8, Original Irondale.

Cosmo Paoloemilio (deceased) to Atoinette Paoloemilio, lot 22, Lincoln Heights.

Steven and Marilyn Pasco to Alfred Pasco, metes, Wells-Warren Township.

Parkvale Savings Bank to James and Delona Rice, 0.65 acre, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Matilda Ulasiewicz (deceased) to Alexander Ulasiewicz, lot 640, Labelleview; and 15,000 square feet, Knox Township.

Gary Mears to Sue Hennebert, lot 106, David Spaulding First.

Teodora Elizaga Revocable Trust and others to S&S Singh Realty Co., metes, Steubenville Township.

Lynne Schramm to Stephen and Andrea Halicky, lot 30, Century Hills.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Federal National Home Mortgage Association, lot 46, Eastview Subdivision.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Aurora Loan Services, lot 136, Beechwood No. 2.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Samuel and Glory Woods, lots 159-161, Silver Stream Knolls (survivorship).

Sherri Devore to Gary Devore, 1.5 acres, Wells-Warren Township (survivorship).

Holly Crites to Holly and James Crites, 0.469 acre, Springfield Township (survivorship).

Stephen Kundman and Marcie Albin to Marcie Albin, lot 57, Westwood Estates.

Robert Vance (deceased) to Edith Vance, 30.404 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Mavis Henry (deceased) to William Henry and others, 1.45 acres, Island Creek Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Homesales Inc., 2 acres, Steubenville Township.

Ira Locke to Ira Locke and Rebecca Locke, lot 88, Original Irondale (survivorship).

Sherry McCormack to Delores and James McCormack, lot 25, Mary Ann Place (survivorship).

Lucia Scaffidi to Nino and Dawn Scaffidi, lot 12, Becker Highlands (survivorship).

Thomas DeMichael and Mary Sikora to Renee Ralston, lot 61, Glendwell Subdivision.

Gary Laposki to Max Saiter, 1.2586 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Ramona and Herbert Devore to Kevin Glasure, lots 26-27, Crow Hollow.

Helen Ward to Stephanie Swiger, lot 56, William Jackson Subdivision.

Raymond Jablonski (deceased) to Rebecca Jablonski, lot 3, Banfield.

Argil Carder (deceased) to Betty Carder, metes, Cross Creek Township; and lot 18, Brentwood Estates Second.

Todd and Stacy Zimish to Dawn Zullo, lot 24, Beall & Steele's.

Dawn Zullo to Todd Zimish, lot 30, Beall & Steele and part lot 498, Dickinson Addition.

Evelyn Busic (deceased) to Karl Busic, lot 12, Harwell Place.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to NBC Resolution LLC, 6.842 acres, Knox Township.

Francis Randalson (deceased) to Carmella Scopel and others, lot 56, Original Kelly & Hess Addition.

John and Constance Rambo to Kevin Miller, 1.16 acres, Salem Township.

John Calabria and others to Keith and Tiffany Bradley, lot 276, Manhattan Subdivision (survivorship).

National Lubricating Products Co. to James and Cynthia Hayes, 1.5146 acres, Wells Township (survivorship).

Ohio Edison Co. to Catherine and Sheldon Carnahan, part lot J, Vantilburg Addition.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Noah Land LLC, part lot 12, Pleasant Heights.

John and Sharon Hodgkiss to Sharon Hodgkiss, 0.972 acre, Island Creek Township.

John and Diane Riapos to Denise Yocum, lot 47, Forest View Subdivision.

Emma Katich (deceased) to Philip Katich, part lot 188, Pleasant Heights.

Paul Tenney (deceased) to Todd Swickard and Christopher Swickard, part lot 26, Clark First.

Todd Swickard and others to Laura Stone, part lot 26, Clark's First.

Donna Stemkowski to David and Frankie Ryan, 0.60 acre, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

Catherine Parfenick (deceased) to Taryn Smith, lot 6, Belmont Subdivision.

Village of Wintersville to Delbert and Jessie Rish Jr., 0.1857 acre, Island Creek Township.

Gladys Davison (deceased) to Ethan and Terez Howard, lot 38, Westwood Estates (survivorship).

James and Ann Lathem to Ryan and Jamie Westling, 1.57 acres, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Ronald and Mary Clark to Ronald Clark, lot 48, Glendwell.

Alice Collins to Harry and Shirley Mitchell, metes, Steubenville Township (survivorship).

Ethel Cotter to William Cotter, lot 485, Labelleview.

Ed Chambers, doing business as CAS, to New Hope Restoration Revivals Inc., part lot 215, Original Steubenville.

Earmaline Teter to Glenn Lewis and Heather Jatczak, 2.8197 acres, Wells Township (survivorship).

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Homesales Inc., lot 33, Leepton & Hills Addition.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Branch Banking & Trust Co., 0.25 acre, Warren Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Fannie Mae, metes, Knox Township.

Chelsea and Susan Clegg Sr. to Chelsea Clegg Jr., part outlot 3, Jefferson Saltsman Sixth Addition.

Ann Lavitchka (deceased) to JoAnn Lavitchka, 0.93 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

RSV Inc. to RCVV Inc., metes, Steubenville Township; lots 7-8, Ross Second; part lots 181-183 and lots 179-180, Original Steubenville; part lot 140 and lots 141-142, Original Steubenville; part lots 5-6 and lot 7, Dyke & Wilson Addition; lot 101, John Spahn's First; and metes, Salem Township.

Robert Steven and Cheryl Vukelic to RCVV Inc., part lots 7-8, Robert & Orr's Addition' and part lots 1-5, Beverly Hills.

Full View Auto Laundry Inc. to RCVV Inc., metes, Steubenville Township.

Housing & Urban Development to Angela Grim, part lot 27, Original Irondale.

John Haislet (deceased) to Normalee Walker, outlot 27, Wells & Helmick's Addition; lots 128-134 and 159-162, Wells-Helmick; and lot 80, Altamont.

Normalee Walker to Ruth Haislet, outlot 27, Wells & Helmick's Addition; lots 128-134 and 159-162, Wells-Helmick; and lot 80, Altamont.

Edith Amick (deceased) to Janet Amick, part lots 38-39, Waggoner & McEldowney.

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