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‘Taking us out to the ballgame’ day

August 11, 2013 “Take me out to the ball game” was the theme for those boarding the two buses chartered by the Herald-Star/Weirton Daily Times to give readers a chance to get to a game without the hassle of driving... more »»

Everyone a hero in their story

August 10, 2013 Our publisher recently wandered into the newsroom and told me not to set the table on fire at an upcoming press association shindig. more »»

Raising money for charity

August 4, 2013 Chances are you have never met Jim Meston, but you should know that the longtime member of the Hickory, Pa., Lions Club enjoys having a good time while helping others. more »»

Guest column/Questions about human sexuality remain complex

August 4, 2013 “God has given you one face and you make yourself anothe. more »»

Journeys with the crazy traveler

August 3, 2013 Grampy Grumpy is a maniac behind the wheel. This is a fact of life. The sky is blue, water is wet and Grampy Grumpy is a crazy driver. more »»

Guest column/Traps to avoid while you are parenting

August 3, 2013 It is easy for us to say that children today “have more than we ever dreamed of having.” However, they also inherited some negative offsprings of today’s highly competitive society. more »»

A week of learning some lessons

July 28, 2013 It was a week of learning experiences for me, including one lesson learned the hard, wet way. more »»

Enjoying some summer fun

July 28, 2013 We’re told constantly that strong neighborhoods are the backbone of our communities. I was reminded how true that is last Sunday when the All-Terrain Bocce Golf Open was held on Brockton Road. more »»

Another scorcher of a fair week

July 28, 2013 It was another scorching hot fair last week, the Carroll County Fair. more »»

Sacrificing to keep others safe

July 27, 2013 As I’ve noted before, Grampy Grumpy plans all of our vacations. The most input I’ve ever had was threatening a mutiny if we went to the beach one more time. That year, we went to the mountains. more »»

High humidity and bad grocery lists

July 21, 2013 I have a three-part theory. -- High humidity does not promote good marital relations. -- Grouchy marital relations brought on by high humidity do not facilitate good grocery list making. more »»

Pirates excitement building

July 21, 2013 Residents of our area have always been supportive of the Pittsburgh Pirates, through the good times and bad. more »»

Smithfield High School memories

July 21, 2013 An important thing that the Smithfield High School Alumni get-togethers are good for is the great and sometimes not-so-great memories of things that happened at the school, the teachers, students an... more »»

Guest column/There was plenty to do in our community during June

July 21, 2013 No one could complain that there was nothing to do in June in Steubenville. more »»

Guest column/Warning issued: Beware of scam artists and thieves

July 21, 2013 So many times I, along with the Herald-Star have issued warnings to our citizens, especially to our senior citizens concerning scams. more »»

Welcome and thanks for tagging along

July 14, 2013 If you’re reading this column today for the first time, either on purpose or accidentally, hello, you newbie, you. Welcome and don’t be frightened, grasshopper. more »»

Dealing with disappointments

July 14, 2013 Sometimes, it is hard to ever let go of the great disappointments we face in life, as the death of one Scott E. Entsminger of Mansfield demonstrates. more »»

Fair season is off and running

July 14, 2013 The fair season is here, arriving with a bit of rain, a bit of humidity and lots of sunny weather. The first one in our area was the Harrison County Fair held July 2-. more »»

Anybody but the Islanders

July 13, 2013 Now that hockey season is safely over, we can talk about hockey without drawing the ire and attention — and resultant bad luck — of the hockey gods to That Team We’re Still Not Namin. more »»

Two had impact on area

July 7, 2013 We might realize that change is a constant in our lives, but that doesn’t always make it any easier to accept. Case in point: The recent personnel moves at the Franciscan University of Steubenville. more »»

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