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Jersey Shore - Guilty Pleasure

January 14, 2010 - Brandi Bowers
Ok, so I used to watch a lot of MTV in high school and college, but I have to say, being in your late twenties, you just lose touch with the channel. I turn it on now and don't even know how I ever used to watch it. Being a huge music fan, I especially miss the music videos from my youth. Musicians are still making videos, so why doesn't MTV set aside a certain block of time (when most people are awake) to play them?

Well, I digress, besides, the reason for this blog is to mention that there are still 2 shows I like on MTV. Cribs is still going and I who doesn't like checking out those huge mansions and fun games rooms?! Oh to be rich (sigh). I also started watching Jersey Shore. I remember watching MTV True Life years ago and seeing a story on these twenty-somethings who vacationed at the Jersey Shore. I thought they were complete idiots. Well, leave it to the brilliant execs at MTV to turn this documentary into a reality TV show!

It's like the car wreck where you just can't look away. They put 8 pretty obnoxious people together in a house at the Jersey Shore (much like the Real World). This takes place during the summer when a lot of people are vacationing and have time shares there. They also make the people work in a souvenir t-shirt shop as part of getting to stay in the house. All they do is complain about having to work there as if it's hard. The rest of the time they are going out clubbing and usually end up drunk and in fights.

A lot of news/entertainment sites are complaining that the show is stereotyping and depicting Italians (which most of the cast is, or at least in part) and New Jerseyans (yes I made up that word) in a bad light. Seriously, if that's what you think they are really like, that's your fault for being sheltered & ignorant. These people are clearly the cream of the crop for being fake & overdramatic. It's what I like to call, reality tv on steroids. Yes, it's being filmed in real time and there's not a script, per say, but it's not REALity tv.

In fact, it's just completely entertaining to watch! The cast has some of the craziest nicknames and they all just think so highly of themselves. Take for example "The Situation." Yes, one cast member, Mike, refers to himself (mostly his abs) as "The Situation." Are you kidding me? Also, one of the favorite sayings from the show is GTL... Gym, Tanning, Laundry. This is what the guys claim is their "routine" for going out clubbing. Other good ones are "fist pump," courtesy of Vinny and "(hair) poof," courtesy of Nicole "Snooki." And, the relationship between Ronnie & Sammi "Sweetheart" is adorable, yet hilarious considering how melodramatic both of them are. If you haven't seen the show, make sure you check it out on demand. It's worth a good laugh! So, break out your hair gel & catch and all new episode of Jersey Shore tonight at 10pm!

First picture to your right: Mike (The Situation), Jenny (J-Woww), Pauly D, Sammi (Sweetheart), Ronnie, Nicole (Snooki), Angelina (*no longer on the show) & Vinny.


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