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Workout adivse and discouragement

December 18, 2009 - Paul Giannamore
It's been awhile since we checked in, but it's amazing what a little activity and proper nutrition can do for a basically sedentary, middle-aged fat guy with a bad diet. First, I will say I don't see it, but folks are telling me they see weight loss. Thanks, but I'm ignoring you. When I have "dieted" and "exercised" in the past to lose weight, a couple compliments was all it took to send me back to the buffet table, plate and fork in hand. I will say I've moved the belt two notches inward in the past three weeks. And I'm fitting into sleep pants that used to barely get over my fat, uhh, buns. Nutritionally speaking, thanks to the Anytime Health Web site, I'm tracking nutritional intake vs. workouts. On workout days, taking my caloric intake and subtracting my workout calories burned, I'm getting between 300 and 500 calories left for the system. That's about four days a week. Wow. I was ready to say, hey, I've found something that works, including my 45-min. brisk walk on the treadmill (brisk for me, maybe slow for a 18-year-old), 20 minutes on the bike and 10 minutes of motion machine or elliptical, plus some weights, especially gut crunches. The scale says I've dropped 25 to 30 lbs. since October (again, I ignore that lest I lapse back into sedentary life and bad eating). The blood glucose levels are generally between 90 and 130. So, something is working. Then comes advice. The well-meaning in my life offer advice on everything from salad dressings (I say no-fat, they say low-fat) to exercise routines (you need more weights, you need less weights, you're not pushing yourself enough, you shouldn't go to the gym every day). And then came the freebie session with the workout trainer. I've been hurting for two days to the point where I haven't returned to the gym, which kind of defeats the purpose of working out, in my opinion. If I'm working out to burn off calories for now, to burn weight, then what good does it do me to work out too hard and then not go burn off calories as often as I can? I've been a little discouraged that I haven't, when left to my own devices, been pushing myself as hard as the trainer did. But then, I pulled my belt over to the fourth notch this morning again and reminded myself, none of my well-meaning friends is in my overly fat system. Yes, any activity at all is better for me at this point than hitting the recliner and eating a burger. And yes, at some point I'll have to switch things up. And the trainer taught me a whole lot about weight machines and proper weight training techniques, stuff I never knew or hadn't needed since high school nearly 30 years ago. And I am adding more weight routines to my daily deal. But I'm not going to push myself to the point where I'm not working out often enough. I'm addicted to the gym, and I need to remain well enough to get my daily fix, as often as possible.


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