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True Blood - New World in My View

August 26, 2009 - Brandi Bowers
Spoiler Alert! If you have DVR and haven't seen this past Sunday's episode of True Blood, don't read any further!!!

It appears that each episode of True Blood this season, seems to top the one before it! This week's episode titled, New World in My View, finally brought all the characters together to see the chaos that has been going on in their very own town.

It opened with a very passionate scene with Sookie & Eric that, of course, turned out to be yet another dream sequence. I guess Bill wasn't kidding when he said that Sookie & Eric would now be "connected." Sookie didn't have much time to analyze her feelings about the dream, however, because as she, Bill & Jason were arriving home, she was immediately confronted with crazy people running around town, Mary Ann taking over her house & her best friend being possessed! That was the more dramatic side of the episode.

On the other side, Jason left Bill & Sookie to find out what was going on at Merlotte's, only to find Sam & Andy trapped at the bar by a bunch of the town's people, who were under Mary Ann's influence. I'm not sure which was funnier at this point, Jason wearing a gas mask & holding road flares, while pretending to be the god they were waiting to sacrifice Sam to, or Andy holding up a stick behind Jason's head to convince the people it was the god with horns that they were waiting for all night. And on top of that, we got to see Sam shapeshift & end up naked again with nothing but an apron, which only covered his front side. The looks on Jason & Andy's faces were priceless! And, Andy replied that he'd never have another drink of alcohol again... we'll see.

So, by the end of the episode, Bill & Sookie had gotten Tara out from under Mary Ann's influence, we discovered what Mary Ann is (a maenad working for Dionysis or some similar god),  that Sookie has a strange new power & Jason saved Sam & Andy.

It wouldn't be True Blood without a cliffhanger, though. So, Bill tells Sookie he may know of one vampire who could stop Mary Ann. He then leaves Sookie at his house, along with Hoyt, Jessica, & Hoyt's mother, Maxine. (They had earlier left Tara with her cousin, Lafayette & her mother). When Bill arrives at this vampire's mansion, we see only her foot, covered in blood. Does that mean their one chance at stopping Mary Ann is gone? We also see Jessica attacking Hoyt's (her boyfriend's) mother. And then the episode just ends... 15 minutes early! Excuse me HBO, but was there any reason you needed that extra time? No, but we fans need our True Blood time! With only two more episodes left this season, hopefully, they will be full length & action packed!


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